On March 17, 2023, Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University held a summarizing event within the framework of the UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund project "Strengthening University Capacities to Support Inclusive Preschool and General Education". The goal of the project was to strengthen the institutional and academic staff of the University and the Child Rights Center in the direction of inclusive education, to advocate and support the university to become a training service provider in inclusive education. The project was implemented from March 1, 2022. During this period, 5 academic staff of the university were trained in the direction of inclusive education, literacy, quantitative literacy and platform CK-12, 63 educators-pedagogues of 44 kindergartens and 45 teachers of 15 public schools of Zugdidi municipality (specialist teachers, teachers of Georgian language and literature and mathematics) . Within the framework of the project, the child's rights center of the existing educational university was renovated, and a child's rights and inclusive education support center was opened and equipped in the second public school of the city of Zugdidi named after Merab Kostava. The project was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Center for Professional Development of Teachers (Teacher's House), and involved the union of pre-school education institutions of the local municipality.
     ZSU, within the third mission of the university, will continue to promote the process of professional development of teachers and educators-pedagogues in the region.

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