“Non-finished process, which means to provide students and stakeholders with knowledge and skills equal to world requirements for future career development”. Circle of action: learn, study and share, react, act and change.   Why the process of internationalization must be direct to the higher educational institutions

To enhance student’s preparation quality

Necessary for curriculum internationalization

To improve university profile

Teaching, learning and research improvement

To enhance the value of faculties and departments

Raise awareness of students, society and stakeholders

To enhance the value of the university as a center of excellence in the region

Higher educational institute always was and still is the place which is involved in development process with society, young generation, leaders and public sector.

Main aspects of internationalization

Changes on the policy level (mission, vision, strategy)

Sharing best practices

To support the process of raising awareness in the region about the internationalization according modern world demands.

Tools of effective communication with generation, stakeholders, employees

To insert challenges and innovation in each unit (faculty, departments, teaching and study process, research)

To enhance the culture and value



Creating working groups

Curriculum development

Event management

Partnership and working with partners

To create vertical line of development (from below to top)

Units to be discussed

What challenges modern world face

Innovations, bologna process (putting in order the chaos)

Define parameters, resources

Role of the higher educational institution

Employability, competencies, students experience

Previous and new models of Teaching and study to be compared and revised

Succession of the activities

To act in accordance with national policy

To establish flexible system

To enhance the staff of the university (academic, administrative, students)

To develop culture (society, stakeholders)

Quality development

Process of globalization

Simon Sinek “the Golden Circle”

Why? How? And what?


How do we do internationalization of the university?

How do I do internationalization of the staff?

How to create reliable flexible curriculum?

How to create flexible student’s experience?

How to achieve the goal to make society with equal skills corresponding world modern demands?

Difficult process

Process of getting world citizen