Main Functions


Vocational Education Development Office represents the supportive structural unit at Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi. It is guided by the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, the Law of Georgia on Vocational Education, subordinate normative acts, statute of the Teaching University and regulation rules.

Field of activity –Vocational Education at the Teaching University.

Objectives – Implement vocational education effectively and support to prepare competitive specialist for the labour market.

Functions and duties:

1. Carry out/ organize the learning process on vocational programmes;

2. Introduce and use the newest methods in learning and teaching process on the basis of the recommendations of Quality Assurance Office of the Teaching University;

3. Elaborate and introduce new educational programmes, modify the existing ones and carry out educational activities for the authorization/ accreditation;

4. Provide IT Centre of the Teaching university with the updated information;

5. Improve the database of vocational students and ensure its safety;

6. Communicate with different institutions within the competence;

7. Cooperate with different organizations/persons in order to develop vocational education;

8. Define needs for vocational development;

9. Ensure introducing, implementing and support of vocational educational programmes;

10. Coordinate and implement the activities related to the development of vocational programmes within the competence. These activities are considered in the strategy of reform in vocational education;