Foreign Language Courses


Foreign Language Learning Center of Shota Meskhia State Teachinig Univerisity of Zugdidi FLLC

The goal of the Center is:

Implementing the teaching process of foreign languages (English, German, Russian, French) at different levels, including A1 to C1, accordingly : Beginer; Elementary; Pre-intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced.

Teaching English that is mainly Based on the method of simultaneous translation of G.Askurava.

Issue the relevant certificate to the listeners on the basis of testing.

General Overview

* G.skurava's simultaneous translation method has been carried out in the center since April 2015.

* Work of the Center is mainly based on methods of Goga Askurava, a Linguist, Simultaneous Translator,Founder of Simultaneous Translator Association of Georgia.

* Announces the admission of students of any age above 14 for university students/staff and for any person interested outside the university.

* Lessons are flexible-online lessons are mostly conducted in the evening hours, the lessons are fully customized to the audience's needs (preparing for the Unitied National Exams, International Certificate Exams, colloquial, spoken English, getting ready to participate in the exchange programs)

* The center offers its learmers teaching both versions of British and American English and spoken English is strengthened by using different media outlets

* The center is equipped with modern technologies, human and material resources

Structure and methods of teaching

Effective System of Testing and Evaluation

Mastering the language at a certain level within 5-6 months

Extensive and systematic learning in all aspects (Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening and Grammar)

After passing certain stages intensive trainings based on official documents is carried out in the center (Taliavin, UNDP official documents and etc).Also different media outlets are used during the studying process at the center, they are :FBI files-listening, TED TALKS, movies show, watching the film Walking Dead and etc.

Correction of the Speech (unique method)

Communication methods of teaching

Textbooks and Materials

* Simplified English Grammar Course(theory and practice author G.Askurava)

* Destination B1, B2, C1

* NEW HEADWAY (the fourth edition)and other advanced/modern text books and various test exercises

* FCE, PTE , ACE,IELTS and Other Text-Books to prepare international exams

* Official documents(Taliavini, UN Resolution , International Relations and European, Studies etc.)

* Watching films


     English language learning levels:

      Beginner A1

      Elementary A2

      Pre- intermediate

      Official English


      Upper-intermediate B1+

       Upper-intermediate B2

      Advanced C1

      What is our center unique with?

     * It focuses on correction of speech (as well as on American and British speech)

   * The students are given the opportunity to listen to the lessons of the different teachers of the center

* Lessons are fully customized to the needs of learners

* A small number of students in each group indicates that the approach to students is individual


After completing each course, the test will be conducted to the learners on the basis of which the relevant level certificate is issued.

The applicant can also take the relevant level certificates (without completing the full course ) through passing the examination tests.

For further information please contact us on the e-mail: or visit us to the FLLC of Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi, Room N 119.