Exploring Frontier cultures: Ancient and Modern Perspectives in Caucasia, Ukraine and the Balkans



International Conference

Exploring Frontier cultures: Ancient and Modern Perspectives in Caucasia, Ukraine and the Balkans

Date: 19-20 October, 2024
Location: Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi

Historians and archeologists grapple with understanding the cohesive threads binding the societies of Caucasia, Ukraine and the Balkans admits global political upheavals. This conference seeks to convene the international scholarly community and emerging researchers to enrich the study and evaluate the impact of perspectives across historical, contemporary, and interdisciplinary realms. We invite presentations on various facets of cultural, economic, political, or religious studies, embracing topics such as:

  • Dynamics of Cultural Evolution
  • Shifting Perspectives and National Identity
  • Negotiating Allegiance and Identity
  • Cultural Exchange: Shared Beliefs, Norms, and Values
  • Linguistic Christianization: Conceptual implications
  • Evolution of Visual Representations
  • Global trade networks and Trans-Regional Interconnections
  • Perspectives in impacts, Experience, Engagement and Audience

We encourage both in-person and online representations. Collaborations and innovative proposals are highly encouraged.

Submission Guidelines: Abstracts of 250 words are due by May 19, 2024, to Prof. Eliso Baghaturia-Kner at ebagaturia1975@yahoo.com. Papers should be 15 minutes in duration and delivered in English. Selected papers will be considered for publication in a university periodical.

Event Highlights: Following the conference, participants are invited to a dinner at a local restaurant. Additionally, on Monday, October 21, attendees can enjoy a curated sightseeing experience.

Accommodation and Expenses: The hosting university will cover accommodation and related expenses (excluding flights) for all participants. For prospective attendees desiring accommodation, the university will provide access to campus lodging during the conference. However, given the finite availability of rooms, we kindly request confirmation of your intent to participate no later than May 19th.

Organizers: Prof. Teona Khupenia, Prof. Zaal Qortua, Prof. Ketevan Lataria, Prof. Eliso Baghaturia-Kner.

For inquiries, please contact Prof. Eliso Baghaturia-Kner at ebagaturia1975@yahoo.com . Your expertise

and insights will contribute to a vibrant discourse enriching our understanding of frontier cultures. We look forward to your participation.