Erasmus+ The RE-DIRECTION Project - Focusing on Identifying Skill Gaps in the Higher Education Systems of Ukraine and Georgia


The RE-DIRECTION project partners have successfully completed the first task of Work Package 2 (WP2), focusing on identifying skill gaps in the higher education systems of Ukraine and Georgia. This collaborative effort involved detailed desk research conducted by five Ukrainian universities and five Georgian universities.

The primary aim was to pinpoint deficiencies within three critical domains: Digitalization, Inclusivity, and Sustainability. The findings from this extensive research provide a comparative analysis of the educational landscapes in both countries and pave the way for targeted improvements.

The key focus areas of the research were Digitalization, Inclusivity, and Sustainability. These domains are critical for modernizing education, ensuring it is accessible to all, and preparing students for future challenges. The research findings provide a comprehensive overview of how these domains are addressed in Ukrainian and Georgian higher education institutions, highlighting both the strengths and gaps in their current approaches.

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