Quality Assurance Office

·       evaluatesthe process of scientific-research and education at the university

·       helps to set modern methods for teaching and evaluation

·       sets the principles of the Bologna Process

·       helps to integrate intothe sphere of international cooperation and common European education

·       cooperates with theproper offices of other countries and their universities to create transparent criteria and their assurance

·       participates in workingprocess on self-appraisalquestionnaires for personnel

·       works on personnel appreciation forms andquestionnaires for students

·       Works and sets mechanisms for improving education quality

·       Organizessetting modern methods for teaching and evaluation (credits, modules etc.)

·       Discusses issues about student credit recognition and works on recommendations for the main educational units

·       Works and controls over the forms and content of diploma and diploma supplement.

·       Organizes conferences, trainings, seminars, consultative and informative meetings with academic and administrative staff about the Bologna Process, curriculum, authorization and program accreditation issues.

·       Organizes process of setting standards for program accreditation of higher and vocational educational programs.

·       Organizes preparation process of self-assessment questionnaires and self-assessment report and enclosed documents for authorization/accreditation.

·       Coordinatesthe quality assurance work of main educational units

·       implementsthe rights defined by the academic council, law of higher education and vocational education, teaching university regulation and individual acts within the competence.

Head of the office-